President: Lola Ahmed

Secretary:  Alex Wang

Treasurer: Maw Poe Myar

Event Coordinator: Tessa Whiteley

Outreach Coordinator: Eva Brocard

Communications Director: Katy Barry and Omar Deraz

PHIN Newsletter Editor-in-Chief: Nyan Linn


The Association PHIN

The Public Health International Network (PHIN) is a student-led organization that supports graduate students of public health at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health (EHESP) in achieving their academic and professional goals. As an association committed to student diversity, we thrive on the variety of cultural, academic and professional backgrounds of our students. We work towards enlarging our network of international graduate students and professional practitioners dedicated to pubic health initiatives in France and abroad.

Our main goal is to improve the understanding of health problems by exploring the etiology of population and health disparities, critically examine health protection approaches, and gain knowledge through scientific exchanges and information sharing. As such, we are committed to supporting student-led initiatives that advance the democratization of health knowledge, encourage sustainable capacity-building within communities, and empower women and men alike to proactively engaged in the protection and maintenance of health.

PHIN 2018

PHIN 2017

PHIN Team 2017: Left to right: Ahmad WALI (Secretary), Sinéad TROY (Event Coordinator), Pearl Anne ANTE (President), Kevin STAMBULI (Treasurer)

PHIN 2016

Left to right: Pauline Obale (Communication Director); Aparajita Jha (Outreach Coordinator); Fatmata Kamara (Event Coordinator); Adrienne Knight (President); Aurélie Blanc (Secretary); Russel Thirard (Treasurer)







PHIN Charter