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Summer Spotlights: Kevin Stambuli

Kevin Stambuli

LinkedIn Profile

Status: M2, General Track

Nationality: French and American

Languages: 2.25, if you count Spanish 🙂

Fun Fact: I lived 17 years of my life in the US, and 8 years of my life in France. And I interned in Shanghai, China as an M1 !

M2 Internship: Acsantis

Current Projects: I worked on an E-Health project (telemedecine) offering dental screening for a rural population in Southern France. The project was innovative, in that it’s the first time this type of E health application would be offered to the public, and it relies on the collaboration of nurses (doing the screening) and dentists (reviewing the videos). There is technology used (an intra-oral fluorescent camera) which is really interesting because it allows screened patients to see magnified images from inside their mouths and fluorescent zones where they have cavities, gingivitis, or demineralization of the enamel. Nonetheless, there are many challenges in the project !

The Good: I got to see many aspects of the consulting sector, including how primary healthcare works in France, the ‘medico-sociale’ sector, which are French health centers for disabled people, elderly people, or young low SES people. I also got to understand how medical deserts are identified and the strategies implemented to resolve them.

The Bad: Lots of deskwork, you don’t always know how much work you have… (depends on missions the firm has), people don’t necessarily “respond right away.”

The Pretty: You probably guessed it… but my internship was paid above the French minimum (467 € I think ?) so it’s nice as it helps cover some rent and food.

Summer Spotlights is a series of posts that highlight what our current students are doing with their summers, whether it be internships, travel, language learning, or anything else we’re up to! 

PHIN Team 2018

The 2018 PHIN Team is up and running! We were elected last December 2017 from the M1 class of 2017 and will serve through the remainder of 2018.

Our main aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for MPH students to take advantage of the unique opportunities this program provides. Our goals for this year include providing access to professional development, including conferences and events in Paris. Additionally, we will be hosting several events throughout the year that will allow students to network with one another as well as create connections with alumni and other professionals working in public health.

We wish everyone a happy end of the 2017/2018 school year and a warm welcome to the incoming students of 2018!

-PHIN Team 2018

PHIN Team 2017

The new PHIN Team is now at your service. We were elected last December 2016 from the M1 class of 2016.

This year we are only four (Please click here to see who we are.) , but we will do our best for you to enjoy being MPH students. We will continually fight for the rights of students and to give you opportunities to learn more about Paris and public health. We are planning many things for all of you this coming school year of 2017/2018, so stay tuned!

Let us all be leaders and advocates of our field to empower others  to see the change we always dreamed of!

-PHIN Team 2017

PHIN Board Update June 2016

May was yet another busy month for PHIN! The Buddy system for new and current students has been put together and all incoming students should now be matched up with their buddies! If you are a new student and do not have a buddy yet, please contact PHIN as soon as possible to be paired.

The new PHIN website is finally up and running! Check it out for everything you need to know about living in Paris, being a public health student at EHESP, and upcoming student events. The website includes course information for students to check schedules and syllabi to be better prepared for courses.

PHIN has been working in collaboration with the ParisWHO team to put together a fabulous French-inspired gala dinner for the first night of the ParisWHO simulation. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, get on it!

PHIN will start organizing summer events this month for new students to get to know each other. Keep your eyes peeled for event invites from PHIN on Facebook!