The overall planning for the second year of your MPH at EHESP can be found at this link:

The second year of the MPH is more specified, so you have some choices to make. At the beginning of the semester (the first month in September) you must choose at least 3 “supra” majors to attend. You can choose more if you wish, but only 3 are required. You must take the “supra” majors that align with the classes you plan to take after the month of september. For example, if you plan on taking some epidemiology courses or plan to specify in epidemiology, then you would need to take the “epidemiology supra” course in order to have a strong foundation/refresher for the courses ahead. 

The first month will look very different from other months in terms of class days and class lengths so it is important to review when and for how long you will be attending class after you have chosen your supra majors. 

This link provides you the schedules of each supra major so you can know when to go to class 😉

After the “supra” /advanced core modules, you are required to select 4 major courses and 3 minor courses (but you are welcome to take more as long as the classes do not overlap). You can find these courses on the overall planning link at the top of the page or you can find more details of each of the courses from this link:

This link provides you with all the schedules and times for each major and minor that you may decide to choose.