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Public Health Massage Delivery by Kazue

Aim to Read : Construisons une bibliothèque, illuminons leur avenir!

One of our fellow student, Mlle Tamara Fadul, and her friends founded Aim to ‘llm’ (meaning knowledge in Arabic).

Aim to Ilm is launching its 2017 project: ‘Aim to Read’! 📚

Aim to Ilm is an NGO trying to improve the environment in schools in Sudan in order to allow the intellectual, cultural and personal development of pupils!

To do so, Tamara and her group are planning to build, this summer, a library within the school for girls Aisha Bint Abu Bakr in Magaser (Northern Sudan).

To make that dream come true, they need our help to fund this project! Only €3000 is needed to build and to equip the school library.

They need our support to enlighten their school by the presence of books! ✊🏾

Thank you in advance!

Donate here:…/aim-to-read-construisons-une-bi…

Follow them on Facebook:



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