The MPH program brings together students from all over the world. The group is quite diverse and this is one of the most attractive things about the program! In class, this adds to the experience as each student can share their experiences through the class discussions that we have over a range of public health topics and a range of national health systems. We wanted to make more of this international characteristic of our program, so we created the Knowledge Exchange initiative.
PHIN hosts three different types of knowledge exchanges; Professional KE, Student KE and Alumni KE. Professional KE’s are between MPH students and a public health professional, whether it be an EHESP lecturer or someone in the field – there’s always lots of knowledge to go around! Student KE’s are just between EHESP MPH students to share previous professional and academic experiences. Alumni KE’s are between current students and previous students. This allows current students to gain a better understanding of what lies beyond the world of academia!


The PHIN Socials are planned group activities aimed to bring about a sense of togetherness amongst the students of both the first year and second year of the MPH program by offering them the opportunity to gather and share ideas while spending time together outside of classes. These activities are held on a monthly basis during the academic year, with the exception of the orientation period which necessitates the planning of several social activities in order to welcome new students in the program. These activities may be outside activities or may be organized at Reid Hall, during lunch time or in the evenings. In the past months, the planned social activities ranged from a game night, a picnic, a scavenger hunt around Paris, a cocktail night and a shared Thanksgiving meal to name a few.