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Our newsletter is committed to engaging public health students and professionals from different schools, universities, and organisations in knowledge sharing, debate and reflection on pressing public health issues both locally and Internationally. We publish articles written by our students and faculty at EHESP, as well as items from a wide variety of external public health professionals and institutions. In summer, we feature an interesting collection of public health topics, Op-Ed columns and healthy living tips. We also have sections committed to culture, photography, and student life here in Paris. You will also be updated by the latest PHIN projects and programs through this platform. Visit the newsletter here!

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  • Early Skin-to-Skin Contact Between Mother and Newborn: A Focus on Barriers August 18, 2017
    by Pearl Anne Ante When neonates are born, they have to undergo major physiological adjustments outside the womb. Since they are not yet well adapted to the extra-uterine environment, they are susceptible to certain conditions such as low blood sugar, hypothermia, stress and infection. This period immediately after birth may represent a ‘sensitive period’ fo […]
  • Culture and tradition should not be an excuse for abuse August 18, 2017
    by Priscilla Ajiji In 2009, I was enrolled in my dad’s favorite boarding school. I say favorite because he could simply get an admission by making a phone call to the Headmaster. Why him? Well, that is another day’s story. I quickly made friends with Sarah, she hailed from the Sebei tribe, situated East of Uganda. During one of our
  • Achieving universal salt iodisation in the Philippines through health policy and promotion August 18, 2017
    by Julius Alejandre (Bangor University) Micronutrient deficiency has been a major public health concern especially in developing countries. This form of malnutrition does not just affect individuals and population groups, but also, a country as a whole – specifically in terms of human productivity and contribution to economic development. Deficiency in micro […]
  • PHIN Helping Hand program 2017 July 20, 2017
    by Pearl Anne Ante   This year PHIN organized a ‘Helping Hand’ program instead of the Buddy system from previous years to help incoming students not just to get acclimated to life in Paris, but also to guide them through the French administrative procedures.   To facilitate this program, we requested for the new students’ e-mails in order to have
  • Knowledge Exchange 2017: Life After MPH July 20, 2017
    by Pearl Anne Ante The aims of this event were as follows: to establish linkage between alumni and current students, for alumni to impart knowledge and advices to current students about life after the program, to give current students the opportunity to ask questions personally from alumni about things they need to know about student life, internships, thesi […]

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