Summer Spotlights: Colleen Shelly

Colleen Shelly

LinkedIn Profile

Status: M2, General track

Nationality: American

Languages: English, Some Italian and needs to improve French

Fun fact: I love golden retrievers


M2 Internship: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Current Projects:  Early childhood exposure topersistent organic pollutants and metabolic hormone trajectories; Determinants of child adipokine concentrations from birth through puberty

The Good: My research team, the experience I’m getting, and living close to Trader Joe’s (favorite grocery store)

The Bad: The cost of living in Boston

The Ugly: The number of excel spreadsheets in my google docs have nearly taken up all of my storage space 

Summer Spotlights is a series of posts that highlight what our current students are doing with their summers, whether it be internships, travel, language learning, or anything else we’re up to! 

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